Would you like to volunteer with us and offer your time and skills? Please apply!

All volunteers are screened individually. After you have filled in the form, you will receive an email with more information and our code of conduct. Please be aware that you must return a signed code of conduct before you volunteer. If we do not accept your application we will email you to explain why.

For more information about volunteering contact us by email volunteer@f-a-s-t.eu

We accept applications from:
– Medical doctors
– Nurses
– Paramedics
– First aiders
– Pharmacists
– Medical or nursing students – (depending on the composition of the ground team that period)
– Translators
– Drivers

Please note that you are not allowed to do more than triaging and first aid on the ground! You need to have knowledge and experience with first aid and especially wound care, to go out with us.

What we expect from you – our requirements

– You are a registered health professional or have a valid first aid qualification
– Must be at least 18 years of age or older

– You are fluent in English
– You have extensive experience in first aid, especially wound care.
– You have a professional, kind and thorough approach towards patient care.
– You work only within the limits of your knowledge and competence
– You can cope with emotional and confronting situations and you know how to separate work from your personal life.
– You can arrange and fund your own transport to and from the north of France.
– You can arrange and fund your own accommodation.
– You stand your ground and are in good physical and mental health.
– You are good at and enjoy working in a team

If you cannot travel to the north of France, but want to help out in another way you are very welcome to start a fundraiser for us. We also need volunteers for communication and coordination. To read more information about this click on vacancies.

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