Back home, after two weeks as a volunteer in FAST’s team in Calais working with refugees and displaced people living rough; I spent various hours each day amazed by the huge differences and injustices I could find everywhere, even concerning the basic human needs. Everything the people living in Calais are in desperate need of can be found in excess in my comfortable life. The enormous difference haunts me.

So I decided to take action in my home, Madrid. I believe that small actions done by small people can make a difference. Thankfully I have a network of support and it wasn’t difficult to get a project of fund raising going: I contacted my beloved school teachers and together we planned to give talks to the students, appropriate to their ages; informing of the situation in Calais and the displaced peoples’ needs. As a result the students of all year groups (3-18 years old) sold Christmas raffle tickets and the parents donated the prices that were latter distributed to the winning tickets. They even sold tickets in a theatre group’s pantomime! All the money went to the displaced people in Calais, for first aid, food, clothes and basic needs.

Many people participated, learning about the volunteers’ amazing work, it’s importance, the severe conditions imposed to the displaced people in Calais and how together we can reach out to them. It has made me tremendously happy to multiply the effect, to get many people involved in a project I find tremendously beautiful and humane. Definitely teamwork and awareness can lead the way to a fairer world. I’m very proud of my school and of FAST’s work. Keep up the amazing work

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