PLEASE, ONLY sign up when you are SURE about the dates you are coming. If you are not sure, DO NOT fill in the form, but send us a message through e-mail or Facebook. Thanks!

Read the FAQ first: http://www.f-a-s-t.eu/faq/


Who can volunteer?

Being a medic is not necessary as we need a range of different skills. Knowledge of first aid (wound cleaning) is however a basic requirement. We need all sets of skills on the ground and also quite a few members, who are unable to volunteer on ground, help us by giving advice over telephone for signposting patients to right department/eligible treatments available. We welcome requests from:

  1. Previous experience of working in Refugee camps (please elaborate on registration form).
  2. Nurses
  3. Paramedics
  4. First Aiders: Please be aware that a simple first-aid course is NOT enough. We therefore ask experienced First Aiders who practice a lot in their home country and in the field.
  5. Doctors (Please note that due to legislations one is usually NOT allowed to practice/prescribe unless appropriately registered & indemnified in respective country).
  6. Pharmacists: For on the ground stock checking (Calais) and advice on the use of medications. Also for telephonic advice.
  7. Medical Students. (Only when you have experience with first aid and are confident enough to work without supervision. Your teammembers (offline) and coordinators (online) can always advice!

If you have any query or evidence based article/material which can be useful in improving care towards (e.g. wound management guidelines, teargas management etc), please send us an email.

PLEASE if you sign up to come to Calais, we DO count on you! We are desperate for volunteers and it really makes us sad if you tell us a couple of days before that you can’t come.
Of course we do understand personal situations, but please do understand our efforts in making rota’s etc. If you are not sure about your dates or if you will be able to come, then just send us a message as early as possible.

Please do understand that not only we count on you, but the people in Dunkirk and Calais even more.