In this part of our website we share articles and reports written by volunteers. Also we share articles in the media about FAST or about the medical situation in Calais and Dunkirk.

Know Your Rights!

Migrants’ Rights Network wrote a guide about rights in the UK. They say the following:

“We have written this guide for all migrants living in the UK, including those without documents and those trying to regularise their immigration status, including asylum seekers. This guide is to help you understand your rights in a situation where immigration rules are changing regularly. It is also useful for anyone who cannot prove they are British or have Indefinite Leave to Remain, for example if you don’t have a passport or immigration documents. Other migrants, including those from the European Union, refugees and those with Limited Leave to Remain will also find it useful.

Ocular management for CS gas exposure: exploring treatment
in the pre-hospital setting
 –  John McIntosh


The New Jungle – Matthew Walton

The film, recorded entirely on a mobile phone and over only 3 days follows three charities (Food, Medical, Distribution) as they attempt to provide humanitarian aid to the undocumented refugees in Northern Europe. It takes place in the September 2017 period after the demolition of the infamous Jungle camp and shows the reemergence of three new camps in Dunkirk, Calais and Brussels, each of 600 refugees. The local riot police have a conflicting agenda to the charities and there are rights and wrongs perceived on both sides. The key message of the film is a need for change. “We can’t live like this any more”.