I am Hassan Chaudhry. I qualified in 2005 and have been practising in NHS for last 10 years and currently work in psychiatry. I joined FAST 2.5 years ago and have the been principal coordinator for volunteers on the ground.

My name is Joram Melissant. I’m 31 years old. I work as an engineer in The Netherlands and am an volunteer for the Dutch Red Cross. I joined FAST 2,5 years ago together with my girlfriend and since than try to organise all logistics that are needed for the team on the ground.

I am Tania, Belgian psychiatric nurse, working with children, youngsters and context. We make them stronger, healthier and ready for the future. Here, in Calais and around, I met the most vulnerable of all, deprived of all basic needs and care. How could I sit and watch? So I joined FAST, bringing in some french, 5 words farsi, my coördination skills and care on the ground.

My name is Nynke, 26 years old and I work as an anthropologist. 2,5 years ago I first went to Calais and it made such an impact that I kept volunteering. Healthcare, food, clean water and protection are human rights, but the people in Calais and Dunkirk do often not have access to this. It is my wish and goal to improve this, together with all our amazing volunteers and other groups in Calais and Dunkirk.