FAST (First Aid Support Team) is a association from The Netherlands with health professionals from all over the world working across Calais and Dunkirk on a short to long term volunteer basis. We have been successful in the following: assisting with wound care advice and bandaging, first aid care and assisting patients to access appropriate emergency healthcare while distributing general donations, assisting Care4Calais (https://care4calais.org/) We strongly believe in each individual’s right to being treated with dignity and respect and apply this basic human right in our day to day efforts in helping and assisting people from all over the world.  


We are always looking for volunteers for Calais and Dunkirk. We are especially looking for medical doctors, nurses and first aiders. If you want to help out, but have another professional, feel free to send us a message! Please be aware that you will only be able to do First Aid in Calais and are not aloud to give out medication.


100 % of your donations goes to providing first aid and support to the refugees in Calais and Dunkirk. You can donate supplies or through our BT-Donate page.